Monday, 6 May 2013

Who do I write for?

I recently read a blog post where the author questioned who she should be writing for.  Was it her readers?  Or herself?  She didn’t want to write things that her readers would find boring, so she found herself holding back a bit from things that she really did want to write about. 

Other bloggers encouraged her to write for herself.  It’s her blog after all, and if she doesn’t write what she wants to write about it becomes impassionate and not honest. 

My readership is very small, and that’s okay, I’m still new.  But because of that I’ve sometimes wondered if what I’m writing isn’t interesting.  Sometimes I’ve tried to write what I think other people want to hear about, and those have been the hardest posts to write.  My last post was hard to write, because honestly I didn’t really want to write about that.  (I’ve since realised that it was good to reflect again on those things and blogging about it was a good way of making me do that.) 

I’ve already stated why I started this blog and why I’m writing (you can read about it here).  So that pretty much answers my question.  Who I’m writing for is both myself and my readers, specifically friends and family back home. 

But I want to be honest about my thoughts and experiences, and I wonder if I’m more likely to do that if I write for myself. 

I guess I just needed reminding about why I’m here. 

This post is for me. 


  1. I'm enjoying what you have written so far, a good start to the world of blogging.

    As a reader of blogs (and failed writer of one) I have always found that the best blogs are those written by the blogger for the blogger. It is too easy to get caught up in writing what you think people want to read rather than what you need or want to write.

    Early on the process of blogging is more important than the topic of your blog posts. The more you blog the more comfortable you will get with the medium and the more you will feel comfortable to get into deeper subject matters and topics.

    I have been enjoying your blog so far, look forward to watch your blog develop in the months ahead.

  2. I'm pretty sure you write this so that I can live out all my 'off to theological college' fantasies vicariously through you.